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new customer paperwork

New Customer paperwork is required by the Board of Cosmetology. 

Front Page

Step 1: Inform the customer to fill out the highlighted section. 

This is just general information the customer will fill out from themselves.

Step 2: Tell the customer to circle an answer to each question. 

Say "This is for the board of cosmetology, circle the answers to these questions as best as you can. Don't worry about adding up the totals I can do that for you."

Back page

UNDER 18: 

If the customer is under 18 years old a parent/guardian will need to fill out the box on the second page. This gives the minor consent to tan for 90 days. 

Step 3: All of the highlighted areas below need to signed, dated, etc. 

A customer should never tan without filling this out.

new customer paperwork pitch

Step 4
Once you have instructed the customer on how to fill out the paperwork, ask for a copy of their ID/Drivers License. You will need this for making their account in Tan-Link.

Insert button for creating an account for a new member in tan-link

Step 5
Once the customer has completed the paperwork, add up their total on the skin typing portion. Then update their skin typing score in their Tan-Link account.
Step 6: Put the filled out paperwork in the stack of previously filled out paperwork, then put a new blank copy on the clipboard.
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