Sunbeds & Booths

Gold Level


​Keep it dark. Deepen and maintain your color with maximum bronzing UVA rays.

~ Deepens and maintains color
~ 12-minute maximum exposure
~ Enhance your tanning experience with our body contour acrylics, stand up sunbed options, and much more.

Platinum Level


Air conditioned and multiple fan options create the most luxurious tanning experience.  

~ Superior bronzing, longest-lasting tan
~ 12-minute maximum exposure
~ Minimum exposure, maximum bronzing

Bronze Level


Build an excellent base tan with higher concentrated UVB rays in lower intensity lamps for ideal melanin production.

~ Activates melanin production
~ 20-minute maximum exposure
~ Lower intensity

Silver Level


​Color enhancing bulbs take your tan to the next level.  Stronger lamps darken your base melanin for a deeper color through concentrated rays. 

~ Facial bulbs in every silver level bed 
~ 15-minute maximum exposure
~ Higher intensity 



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