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Spray Tanning

With sunless spray tanning you get the perfect tan. We'll match it to your skin tone with just one visit. 



Customize your sunless experience with each visit.  We're confident you'll love your sunless tan every time.  Be sure to take a look at the before and after tips and tricks.  

Before Tips

We’ll walk you through your spray tan from start to finish.  Here’s a couple tips to help you prepare for your spray tan as well as maintain it.    

     You’ll want to shower and exfoliate the body prior to your sunless session.  Be sure to get the driest areas of the body like your feet, knees, elbows, and hands. Try to plan any shaving, waxing, or spa treatments for the previous day.  
The day is here! You’re ready to get your spray tan.  Avoid using moisturizers or other products on your skin unless they are specifically for preparing your skin for a spray tan. 

What to wear:
You’ll want to skip the makeup, perfumes, deodorant, and hairspray until after your spray tan session.  Loose fitting clothing works best following your session, however as long as you’re not wearing yoga pants and super tight tube socks, you’ll be just fine.  


Protect your hands, feet, and dry spots form getting a little too much color with barrier cream.  Don’t worry, we’ll show you how much to use and how to use it prior to your session inside the salon.  

After Tips

Here it comes… Getting a spray tan is the perfect excuse for just about anything. You’ll want to stay dry and away from wet environments like the pool, shower, gym, and washing the dishes for at least 4-6 hours.  Your spray tan will begin to develop at 4 hours, and continually get darker until it has been on your skin for 12 hours.

You did it! Now that you have your flawless color, lets maintain it as long as possible! Here's a couple hints to keep your color. 

  1. ​Drink lots of water.  A hydrated body will always hold your color longer.

  2. Avoid body scrubs and harsh soaps while showering.

  3. Avoid the pool if you can.  Chlorine can dry the skin out and cause your spray tan to fade off faster than normal.  

  4. ​Avoid using moisturizers from the drugstore.  Often times these products contain oils and other ingredients that shorten the life of your tan.  We always have tan extenders that we recommend.  

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